The Price of Granite Counter Tops Today (Shelby Township, MI)

The price of Granite counter tops today has become more affordable than ever. It is actually the lowest it has been.

We have come a long way since granite counter tops was considered one of the most highly desirable product for counter tops. In today’s “green world” there are a lot of talk about Granite not being a environmental friendly product and along with that there are also many options out there for men made surfaces designed with the environment in mind. But Granite still holds strong its high rank place in the market when the subject is counter tops. The financial state of our economy has in large being the main reason why granite has become today a reasonable commodity when compared to its prices back in the late 90′s and early 2000′s. Although granite prices look way better today, many homeowner’s might not be purchasing the same quality product as they were yeas ago.

Since the beginning of 2007 we have seeing more and more a constant drop on prices for Installed Granite, especially in the Southeast. Most of that, unfortunately was due to many small granite shops being open all over the Country. Shops with not the right infrastructure as the first granite fabricators had it set up in the early days. The growing mass of these small shops, with low over head started in early 2006 to offer an unfair competition for the already established granite fabricators. So, when the down turn in the economy hit us in the beginning of 2007, many fabricators were already working on a small profit margin.

So, for the past couple of years there has being a large number of mid-large size granite fabricators going under and shutting down their doors. From the fabricator point of view it’s very easy to understand, once you consider that specially with US Dollars becoming weak overseas, the price of the raw material had not gone down, as a matter of fact it has gone up and terms have been shorten down. Unfortunately, in this industry you must work within your margins, or you’re out. According to