Granite Slabs – Not Just For The Streets (Shelby Township, MI)

Tough, durable, and almost always gigantic, granite is one of the most commonly used and underappreciated materials in modern society. A type of igneous rock, granite is most commonly used as a part of construction, though it’s many uses and purposes extend far beyond the sidewalks your children walk on to get to the school bus stop. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the many scenarios that you may or may not know use granite slabs.

Countertops Once you get out of the garage, there are few places in the average American home that have more granite slabs than the kitchen. Typically cut to custom shape and edge-finished, granite slabs make excellent countertops that are as beautiful as they are reliable. Not to mention, the reasonable affordability of granite slabs for countertops make these kitchen-must-haves financially within reach of the typical homeowner.

Building Stones: While granite kitchen counters are becoming quite commonplace, the use of granite slabs as building stone has not reached that level of popularity. However, many buildings are seen built from granite blocks, either with rough outer-layers or finished surfaces that provide a “smooth” feel. While most people prefer the smooth feel, the rough-cut blocks are less expensive, which is why they are often seen and used on the outside of buildings (In these cases, window sills and doorways still typically have smooth edges).

Paving Stones: Yes, we already discussed the sidewalk you and your kids draw hopscotch on in chalk (even those most of these are being replaced by asphalt or concrete due to its lower construction cost). But colorful granite paving stones called “pavers” are being seen more and more, offering a unique and colorful option for a home’s driveway or patio.

Curbing: As mentioned above, most granite streets are and have been replaced by asphalt and concrete because of the lower construction cost. Regardless, granite is still being implemented to build a streets curb. While this does increase the construction cost, it is often seen as a cheaper option in the long haul. This is because granite curbs are more durable and last longer than curbs made of concrete, and the thought of not having to do a job twice factors in here.

Memorials and Monuments. More often than any other stone, granite slabs are used for grave markers. Since the stone is both durable and visually appealing, it is the most common choice of American’s when selecting a tombstone. Of course, when it comes to monuments, granite slabs are often used for the same exact reasons. Probably most well-known is Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, which features the faces of former United States Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved into the granite mountain. According to