Why Granite Countertops Are Today’s Top Choice (Shelby Township, MI)

The heart of any home is the kitchen. It comes as no surprise that people would choose the best materials when the idea of remodeling it comes up. And when you think of your kitchen, you have to think of the best material for your countertop. From the very many choices out there, you cannot go wrong with granite countertops!

Granite is the material of choice during these times when not only durability is a key quality but also beauty. Advantages abound in making granite your choice for your kitchen countertop and your bathroom as well. Not to mention its practicality. Granite is a kind of rock formed from the cooling of magma in the pockets of magma trapped under the earth’s surface. These rocks come in different colors and patterns a homeowner can choose from. In ancient times, granite was used as pyramid surfaces. In modern times, they were mostly used for monuments because they lasted longer than marble. Recent times have seen more uses for granite.

Kitchen or bathroom countertops are often exposed to different wear and tear situations and so durability is very important. You would not want the hassle of constantly having your countertop repaired or reconstructed. To begin the list of several advantages of having a granite countertop, durability comes first. Granite is so durable that only another piece of granite or diamonds can cut it. That means it is one piece that cannot be scratched by anyone or anything else! In fact, granite is often used for building high-rise structures because it can even withstand rain and gale force winds.

Besides being durable, granite also has another excellent quality – natural beauty. A granite countertop’s color will never change. It will always look as vibrant as when it was first installed in your kitchen. Even more, granite slabs are all unique and thus have their own look and beauty. That is why you often are asked to choose from actual samples.

These countertops increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. They make any kitchen look elegant and polished. Imported from Europe, Brazil, Africa and other areas rich in natural stone, they are quite striking to look at. In fact, granite is used not only as kitchen countertops but also as flooring for homes because of its raw natural beauty. They add warmth and color to any home. There has been a boom in the demand for granite countertops in the past five years. The use of these is not only limited to upscale homes, but has since become available to modern-income families.

Many may think that granite countertops may be too expensive. This is not always true. Although they may be rather pricey for many, there are several factors to be considered. The transportation, polishing and installation are included in pricing a granite countertop. But then again at the end of the day, these stone countertops are competitively-priced. Compare them to other high-end surfaces and you’ll be surprised.

It may sound all too good to be true, but actually granite countertops are a good investment. Just like any investment choice you have to make, careful thought and analysis must be applied in selecting the perfect countertop for your perfect home. According to Buddy Harrell